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As we get older, our body’s regenerative capabilities can wane, leaving us prone to a range of painful degenerative conditions.
Cells from donated, healthy, full term birth umbilical cord blood could change this, providing the proteins, stem cells and growth factors needed to promote cell renewal and healing. Renew stem cell clinic can help.
Injury Assessment
Do you suffer from pain in your back or your joints, such as hip or knee, which prevents you from living life to the fullest? Is walking, cycling, gardening, fishing, or exercising, playing with the grand kids, becoming more difficult or no longer possible with out pain? If you are missing out on your Golden Years, schedule a consult with a regenerative medicine physician who can help you determine if stem cell therapy is right for you.
The Treatment
The treatment is a simple non-surgical injection into the affected joint with little down time or lengthy recovery. You may maintain a normal lifestyle and allow the cells to create a balanced optimal environment in your joints so your body can repair itself.
You might start feeling some improvements within days. However, the regenerative process can continue for an extended period of time so within 10 to 12 weeks one should feel results that will allow them to increase their activity levels. 

Regenerative Recovery
Umbilical cord cells contain growth factors, proteins, and stem cells that continue to produce additional growth factors and proteins for a period of time. These components have the potential to positively affect the environment inside the joint and to stimulate your own tissue to aid in the regenerative process while ALSO stimulating your NATIVE STEM CELLS to aid in regeneration.
Results may vary from patient to patient. As with any medical treatment, no guarantees or claim of cures are made as to the extent of the response from a treatment. Renew Stem Cell Clinic and its physicians are not offering stem cell therapy as a cure for any condition, disease or injury.

About Regenerative Medicine

With advancements in Regenerative Medicine therapy, we are able to use umbilical cord derived stem cells to aid in the repair of damaged tissues in ways that medication and surgery cannot.

How Stem Cell Treatment Works

Umbilical cord blood contains stem cells, growth factors and a range of other beneficial proteins and compounds. Some of the active compounds at work include VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor), IL-LRA (Interleukin-1, a receptor antagonist, stem cell factors (SCF), FGF-2 (Fibroblast Growth Factor-2) and Transforming Growth Factor-beta (TGF-beta). These components work synergistically with the body's damaged cells to stimulate regeneration of injured or degenerating tissue. We obtain our umbilical cord blood stem cells from a FDA* regulated lab that uses donated full term birth umbilical cords from healthy mothers and babies. The blood retrieved from the umbilical cord is purified resulting in a finished product that is almost clear in color, then cryopreserved to maintain potency. Each vial of umbilical cord blood stem cells arrives in our office with a certificate of analysis demonstrating that the product has been tested for and negative for a variety of infectious diseases. The cells remain in our cryopreservation tank at well below freezing temperatures until moments prior to injection. Because these cells are considered to be immunoprivileged, it is not necessary to match the donor and recipient. After injection, the newly introduced cells begin migrating to the damaged cells and communicating through paracrine interaction, which allows the cells to signal the changes required to renew the damaged cells. Meanwhile, the stem cells are dividing to further enhance the regeneration of soft tissue. This process continues for weeks to months, during which time, you as the patient should begin to feel relief of your pain and improvement in your function as the healthy tissue is restored. 
The cells introduced to your body through the injection should start the repair and rejuvenation process in the joint area. The intended results are to change the complex balance of chemical reactions taking place in the area, causing inflammation to slow and regeneration to speed up. Your body already knows what to do to heal itself; our treatment just nudges it to accelerate the process. Some of the cells that form part of the treatment could help your stem cells to respond to the joint trauma by creating fresh cartilage and other important tissues.
“* the FDA has not approved any stem cell-based products for use, other than cord blood-derived hematopoietic progenitor cells (blood forming stem cells) for certain indications.