Stem Cell Conditions Treated

Regenerative Medicine Treats Various Medical Conditions

Today, physicians are using stem cell therapies in the treatment of a wide array of medical diseases/disorders and traumas. Presently, the uses of stem cells is becoming common practice with orthopedics as it may help deter a knee replacement or surgical procedure and improve function of joints following injury.
Treatment of Arthritis
Regenerative therapies utilize the anti-inflammatory properties of mesenchymal stem cells to alleviate inflammation-related osteoarthritis (OA) pain. In a 2011 study, for example, patients with severe OA were injected with mesenchymal stem cells and found they were able to walk longer without pain and climb a greater number of stairs after treatment. A follow-up study five years later showed that improvements had decreased, but that the knee that had received stem cell treatment was still better than at baseline. There are many other studies similar to this all supporting the notion that stem cells may be beneficial in treating arthritic conditions.
In the area of joint injury and degeneration, mesenchymal (MSC) stem cells are being used to improve the function of joints. There are greater than 20 clinical studies or case studies in the peer reviewed scientific literature all demonstrating that stem cells may regenerate tissue, improve function, reduce pain and improve the quality of life for those suffering from orthopedic problems.
Osteoarthritis - Meniscus Tears - ACL Tears - Rotator Cuff Tears - 
Back Pain- Leg Pain - Disc Degeneration - Tennis Elbow - Degenerative Joint Disease

Results may vary from patient to patient. As with any medical treatment, no guarantees or claim of cures are made as to the extent of the response from a treatment. Renew Stem Cell Clinic and its physicians are not offering stem cell therapy as a cure for any condition, disease or injury.