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Hip pain can severely impact your mobility and quality of life. If you have hip pain, contact Lori Lynch, MD, and her team at Renew Stem Cell Clinics in Fayetteville, Georgia. Dr. Lynch provides highly customized treatment plans for hip pain that include regenerative medicine therapies like stem cell injections. If you want to find out if stem cell injections can alleviate your hip pain, call Renew Stem Cell Clinics or schedule a consultation online today.

Hip Pain Q & A

What are the common causes of hip pain?

While your hips are powerful, these ball and socket joints are vulnerable to injury and degenerative conditions. For example, hip pain could be caused by a range of factors such as:

  • Tendonitis
  • Labral tears
  • Bursitis
  • Arthritis
  • Fractures 

You might also have pain in your hips from compression of your sciatic nerve or piriformis syndrome. Muscle strain can also cause hip pain.

In most cases, a mild hip injury or pulled muscle might be painful for a day or two and subside with rest. If you have hip pain that doesn’t start to ease in a few days — or even gets worse — make an appointment at Renew Stem Cell Clinics. Trust Dr. Lynch’s expertise to find out what’s causing your pain, and then provide personalized treatment to get you back to your regular activities.

How can regenerative medicine relieve hip pain?

Regenerative medicine triggers your body’s natural healing response and ability to repair and regenerate new cells. Stem cells can turn into any type of cells your body needs to repair itself, from bone to muscle and connective tissue like tendons or cartilage. 

A stem cell injection delivers a rich serum of stem cells into your damaged or injured hip and stimulates your natural healing response. The injection provides the cells your body needs to repair itself. This can help your body heal the condition causing your hip pain and provide lasting pain relief. 

What should I expect from a regenerative medicine treatment for hip pain?

Dr. Lynch provides thorough exams to identify the cause of your hip pain and ensure that regenerative medicine is an appropriate approach to heal your condition and alleviate your pain. She creates highly personalized treatment plans for hip pain. Depending on your needs, Dr. Lynch might suggest a series of injections to optimize your healing process and recovery.

If stem cell therapy is right for you, Dr. Lynch prepares you for your injection with a local anesthetic. She might also use digital X-rays to ensure the correct placement of the needle and your stem cells. 

Your body needs time to heal itself, so you won’t notice a reduction in pain right away. However, as your body uses the stem cells to repair and restore the tissue in your hips, your pain should subside, and your full range of motion and mobility should return. 

Call Renew Stem Cell Clinics or make an appointment online today to find out if stem cell therapy is right for you.