Our Renew Stem Cell Team

Regenerative therapy offers patients the chance to enjoy joint healing and rejuvenation. Current, conventional treatments for degenerative joint conditions still mainly rely on reducing the severity of symptoms to help with pain management. We believe that the cells extracted from umbilical cords offer a complex combination of growth factors, proteins and stem cells which provide a highly active regenerative mixture. Because it prompts the body to heal itself, the regeneration process is derived natural: performed by your body for the benefit of your body!

Renew Stem Cell Team

Dr. Lori Lynch

Dr. Lori Lynch received her Bachelor of Sciences degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Georgia State University, graduating with honors. She attended Ross University School of Medicine to obtain her Medical Doctorate, then went on to a residency program at Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia. Dr. Lynch first became interested in functional medicine, weight loss, and regenerative medicine in 2011, after realizing that the traditional modern medical system often fails to heal patients suffering from chronic disease and lacks focus on preventative care to optimize health and wellness. She has completed training at top institutions, such as the Institute for Functional Medicine and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, to further her knowledge and provide a more comprehensive approach to patient care. Her primary focus is regenerative and anti-aging medicine, with a primary focus on stem cells.

Dr. Lynch employs a forward thinking, individualized approach to practicing medicine and continues to research, educate, and train on the latest regenerative products and techniques available. She is passionate about helping patients function optimally and age gracefully utilizing the most natural and least toxic methods possible.